The Business Behind Kim Kardashian’s TV Wedding

A likely ratings bonanza for E!, the Aug. 20 nuptials of Kim Kardashian are a perfect storm of $100,000 ad spots, a $1.5 million photo sale and lots … and lots … of freebies. More


The Big Bin Laden Boom in Hollywood

A Navy recruitment video morphs into “Act of Valor,” a potential blockbuster starring real SEALs, set for release February 17, 2012.

Remember life before May 1, when war movies were considered as doomed as the mission to More

The Best and the Brightest: Film Review

The Bottom Line Absurd premise and weak script doom this comedy about haute-preschool angst. Director Josh Shelov Screenwriter Josh Shelov, Michael Jaeger Cast Neil Patrick Harris, Bonnie Somerville, Amy Sedaris Neil Patrick Harris, Bonnie Somerville and Amy More

William & Kate’s Hollywood Event ‘Essentially Sold Out’ as Studios Reserve Tables (Exclusive)

Universal, Fox, Warner Bros. and Disney have bought $25,000 tables at the black-tie event.

If Prince William and his bride Kate Middleton’s trip to Los Angeles were a movie, its pre-opening box-office sales would indicate an upcoming blockbuster. More

‘Green Lantern’: 5 Lessons for Hollywood

In the current issue of The Hollywood Reporter, Heat Vision looks at what Warner Bros. should learn from the disappointing launch of a wannabe superhero.
Warner Bros. and comic book  movie fans are reeling after the poor opening weekend performance of Green Lantern, which was to serve as a cornerstone for a line of DC Comics-based films to rival those of Marvel. Lantern collected a lower-than-expected $53 More

No Strings? No Problem

Ah, the joys of modern friendship: knowing that your loyal pal is always going to be there for you—as a shoulder to cry on, a buddy to laugh with, or…a sexual partner whenever you’re in the mood. More

Controversial Princess Diana Documentary Heading to Theaters (Exclusive)

Keith Allen’s “Unlawful Killing,” financed by Dodi Al-Fayed’s billionaire father, Mohamed, has lined up several distribution deals.

The controversial documentary alleging a cover-up following the 1997 deaths of Princess Diana and Dodi Al-Fayed is getting closer to being seen by the public. More

Keira Knightley Has Spanking Good Time in ‘A Dangerous Method’ Trailer (Video)

After a day of Internet gossip and rumors, are you ready for some stimulation — err, intellectual stimulation? Or how about just a good spanking?

Well, it’s all there in the just-released trailer for David Cronenberg’s ‘A Dangerous Method,’ which Sony Pictures Classics picked up last week for U.S. distribution. More

Did Lady Gaga Wet Her Pants on Stage?

Allegedly, Lady Gaga was on more than ‘The Edge of Glory’ at one of her live performances — she was on the edge of wetting her pants on stage, as well!

Rumors have surfaced that cameras caught Gaga peeing her pants in the middle of a live show last year (May 2010) at the GelreDome in Holland. The undisclosed footage in question, obtained by, allegedly shows the popstar relieving herself midway through her performance of ‘Alejandro.’ More

Watch: The New ‘Puss in Boots’ Trailer

How many Shrek-quels will the world face before we’ve had enough? That day may never come, but at least they’ve put a new spin on things with Puss in Boots. Clearly, as with its predecessors, this film will treat us to ninety visually-stimulating minutes of lowbrow humor made socially acceptable bec

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