‘Green Lantern’ Reaction: What Moviegoers Are Saying on Twitter

Favorable comments outweigh negative ones on the web thus far.Warner Bros.’ The Green Lantern opened Friday (with midnight showings Thursday) to mixed reactions from moviegoers, with favorable responses coming out slightly ahead on Twitter.

Based on 591 tweets, the twitcritics website concludes that positive reactions outweighed negative ones 331 to 260.
Among those who liked the film, @tipRock24, who says “Saw Green Lantern last night, awesome flick” and billdanza, who writes “Seen the green lantern movie twice now. Thought it was good the first time, liked it even better the second time.”


Negative reactions were both colorful and to the point: jimmyjamwalk writes, “The green lantern movie was JUST LIKE a geoff johns comic! In that it was really f–king stupid. #greenlanturd” and JabbyJayy says,”The Transformers trailer itself was wayyy better than the whole Green Lantern movie. that s–t was one of the worst movies I’ve seen.”
Green Lantern comparisons to X-Men: First Class and Thor were rampant as well. xChris87 wrote, “Just saw Green Lantern in 3D today. It wasn’t that bad. It was more or less on the same level as Thor” and Stupid_Face_Rob Oh concludes, “yeah I saw Green Lantern lol It was ok, 3/5. Not as good as X-Men or Thor but still good. Helped being into it a little beforehand.”

Green Lantern stars Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively, and was directed by Casino Royale helmer Martin Campbell.


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