‘American Idol’s’ Lauren Alaina Rejected by ‘America’s Got Talent’ (Video)

“This is a scandal!” says Piers Morgan. “That is so embarrassing!”
Lauren Alaina was the runner-up on American Idol — but she didn’t even get a chance to compete on another music show.

On the Tonight Show With Jay Leno Thursday, the country singer revealed she tried out for America’s Got Talent twice, and was rejected both times.

“Are you serious?” said an incredulous Piers Morgan, who judges that show and was also a guest of Leno’s.
“You applied twice? You didn’t come in front of the judges?” he asked her. “This is a scandal!”

Joked Alaina: “So, for all the people out there who try out for America’s Got Talent and don’t make it…try Idol!”

Replied Morgan, “That is so embarrassing!”
A record 122 million votes were cast after Tuesday’s penultimate Idol show. Scotty McCreery took home the title.

“I didn’t lose; I came in second place,” said Alaina backstage after the finale Wednesday.

“I knew Scotty was gonna win,” she went on. “I knew in my heart and I accepted it. … I couldn’t pick a more perfect person to get second place to. I know that’s cheesy, but he’s my best friend.”
McCreery said he thought it could have gone either way after the final performance show.

“Last night, watching her sing I thought she could really take this thing and run a long way with it,” he said Wednesday. “In that moment I kept saying, ‘Lauren’s got this. She’s such a sweetheart, and we’ve grown so close.'”


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