Royal Kiss-Off! Prince William & Princess Kate vs. Princess Diana & Prince Charles

It’s a tradition for royals to share a smooch on their wedding day while on the balcony of the Buckingham Palace, but who had the best kiss?

Prince William and Princess Kate kissed not one, but two times in front of a cheering crowd. However, while William and Kate shared two short pecks, it was Will’s parents Prince Charles and Princess Diana that shared a passionate kiss on their wedding day in 1981 that had everyone talking!

According to reports, the kiss between Charles and Diana was against protocol but the crowd insisted they smooch. The London Daily Mail reports that Charles said to Diana while on that balcony, “I’m not going to do that caper. They are trying to get us to kiss.” Diana is said to have responded, “Well, how about it?”

On July 23, 1986, Prince Edward married Sarah Ferguson also chose to kiss his bride on the balcony as England watched. Though William is known for not being comfortable with public displays of affection, the newlyweds carried on this tradition, sharing their first smooch on that same balcony as his parents and relatives!

Who do you think had the most romantic kiss: William and Kate, or Charles and Diana? Don’t forget to leave some comments!


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